Monday, December 13, 2010

the baddest bixtchhhh

she look good with anything she got the fresh j's on and she dont always wear the bush for u haters

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Interview with teen radio station & new flash

Interview By: Tiger Radio*(a station that raned by teens)

TR: Many ask how u get that swagg that ego that u r mr.prefct and no one can tell u anything?

I: Hmmm i reslly dont have to think about this i just want to put it in the right word Mmmmm ok like i always say furturistic swagg that wat i call my swagg i came up with that it basically saying im me that it............. and there two side the serious and professional and thee chill laid back side so real challenge ur self to wat u like and wat fit u dont let no one tell u how to do u be u thats all i can say

TR: Do u have a stylist ?

I: Y u say that (lol)

TR: because this outfit is fly

I: Ooo ok no i want one but dont have one yet mmm i see sumthing that i think thats going look good on me ima get it and if it good with it ima get it .....always try to keep my sneaker game up i love shoes.

TR: So tell everybody wat u do

I: I make beats mmm stay in the studio putting in work ima release one of my project when im finish..

TR: Any last comments

I: be on the look out ur boy trying to get to the top ;;;;;; lego !!