Sunday, May 9, 2010

Train Day and Had a Blast (then was off to new york)

A had a blast with movie star Taye Diggs you mite know him from "Brown Sugar or The Wood" after hanging ot with him went to New York with my mom and next day we celebrated Mothers Day up there......

AT Train day up Union Station then When to Hang out with Mr. Diggs

It was like 3AM  so it was dark but yea me and Taye Diggs
Getting on the train after hang with Taye
After hanging out with Taye Diggs went to Sleep Zzzzzzz.
The Maid MR.Sam was real cool

after my little napp work up and had some fun!

Getting off at New York then the fun started!
went to an hotel and sent the next day with the mom dukes for Mothers Day.......

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